Marantec ML1402V Remote
Do you have a Marantec Mac-Lift Deluxe 2005 or Elite 2007 garage door opener? Is your old remote control giving you fits or perhaps you lost it? Well, there's good news and bad news if you're looking for a replacement remote. First the bad news....Marantec no longer offers the 40MHz remotes like the ML1402V remote that was supplied with the Mac-Lift Deluxe and Elite garage door operators. There were also 1-channel ML1401 remotes and ML1404 4-channel remotes available but have also been discontinued. Same goes for the ML640 Wireless Keyless Entry.

Now for some good news....there's a new radio receiver and remotes available. The #75424 Marantec Plug-in Radio Receiver Set. The set includes a new 315MHz radio receiver, one (1) M3-2312 2-button remote, bell wire to attach the receiver to the operator and installation instructions. The radio receiver is easy to install and can save you hundreds of dollars because you won't have to replace the entire electric operator and you'll be able to get many more years out of your Marantec opener.

You can add additional Marantec M3-2312 2-button remotes as needed or you can also add the M3-3313 Micro Remote which is small enough to fit in your pocket or purse. And if you like to access your garage with a keyless entry you can add the M3-631 Wireless Keyless Entry.

Another great thing about this new radio equipment is that it can be attached to any make or model of garage door operator.

Marantec Plug-in Receiver
Marantec #75424 Plug-in Radio Receiver
M3-2312 Remote
Marantec M3-2312 315MHz Remote
M3-631 Keyless Entry
Marantec M3-631 Wireless Keyless Entry


Ron Louie
01/11/2013 1:32pm

Where do I get one? # 75424

01/11/2013 2:18pm

You can find them at www.GarageDoorZone.com

03/19/2013 3:42pm

I got Mac Lift Delux 2005 and I change the position of my switch opener; in so doing it, I detach the wires to the switch but when I return it, it no longer works. What should I do to fix the problem?

I also want to buy a spare remote contrlol of Mac Lift 2005; where can I buy one?

03/19/2013 3:57pm

I'm assuming you are talking about moving your wall station? If that's the case it sounds like the wires to the wall station got switched by mistake...just swap them around and it should work.
As far as remotes - Marantec no longer makes the remotes for the Mac-Lift 40MHz opener. You'll need to add a new 75424 Plug-in Receiver and remote. Just click on the above picture of the Plug-in Radio Receiver in the blog post to purchase.

Donna Coe
11/01/2013 2:16pm

I dropped my Max-lift111 Deluxe 2005 AND IT came apart, I put it back together and it seems to fit right but it does not work. I never had the outside key pad. I hate to have to go through going into the house then opening the door and then back to the car. How much does the remote cost? Please let me know. I live in Ohio, near Columbus, if there is a place that I can purchase one in a store that would work also. Thanks, Donna

11/11/2013 4:04pm

Marantec no longer offers remotes for the Mac-Lift openers. You would have to install a new radio receiver and remote. You can find the Marantec 75424 Plug-in Radio Receiver Set at www.GarageDoorZone.com

11/10/2013 10:56pm

Hi there, I've got the Mac Lift Deluxe 2005 opener. It has a wireless keyless entry pad along with it, but it's a third party one - Sears Craftsman. It works, but not that well. When you key in the code and hit enter, sometimes it will work, other times it will just turn the light on the opener on and off.

I bought a Universal keyless entry (Clicker KLIK2C) at Home Depot, but can't get it to work with the opener. I don't really know if the issue is the opener or the keyless entry (or both). I don't want to shell out a bunch of money for something that won't fix the problem. We have a transmitter which never gets used - it seems to work OK.

Any ideas? Thanks!

11/11/2013 4:02pm

Mike if you were using a Sears keyless entry on your Mac-Lift opener then there must be a Sears/Craftsman radio receiver hooked up to the opener because the Sears products are not compatible with the Marantec openers. If you find the Craftsman radio receiver hooked up to the opener then get the model # off of it. That will determine what keyless entry will work with it.

12/02/2013 7:51am

I bought a Universal keyless entry (Clicker KLIK2C) at Home Depot, but can't get it to work with the opener. o not have any type of key pad. The remote that I am replacing is a single channel remote from a Deluxe 2005. Can I get this to work with the opener?


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